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About Us

Michael and Andrea Peden live in the village of Derby Line, Vermont. We have two cats and a dog. Michael enjoys reading, riding his bike, working out, and long walks in the woods with his wife and dog. Andrea enjoys reading, singing, travels with Michael, and just recently started writing articles for magazines.

Michael has a degree in psychology. He started out in pre-med but….

Andrea has a masters degree in clinical mental health and substance abuse


Our Own Results Using My Power Drink…

“I have been drinking My Power Drink almost everyday for years. I have more energy as soon as I drink it and throughout the day. It keeps me in a good mood. I don’t suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) anymore in the winter. It is great for pre and post workout. It has helped my arthritis in my knees.”

Michael Peden (co-owner)

“I drink one of My Power Drinks daily and have had no side effects from my cancer medications. The drink tastes great and is so nutritious that I get a boost similar to coffee after drinking it. It has really helped me feel better during this difficult time in my life.”

Andrea Peden (co-owner)

“I love My Power Drink in the early afternoon, when I come upon a tired and sluggish time. Normally I would have to take a nap! All it takes is one ‘Power Drink’ and my strength returns and I feel boosted and ready to get back in the game! Thanks for giving me back my afternoon. Gotta love “My Power Drink”

Tom P.  a happy customer

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